I hope I got the date right aljdfgk I hope you’ll have a wonderful day ; V ;

I picked ShinAya because I have lots of feels for this ship too so yup, I hope you’ll like it u 3 u

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Because every fandom needs one.

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Dont ask.

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That new Persona 5 trailer I just—

Let me touch his hair.

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Happy August 15th

What do you mean it’s not the 15th anymore—

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I think I’m getting rusty again  (。-`ω´-)

Drawing Kano is always lovely 


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Holy adsdfdf I had to cut the 2/3 of the frames out to be able to upload this on tumblr, pls check out the bigger/better version here [x(´Д`。)

Aaah I tried ಥ_ಥ

It was fun though—

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This one was super fun to do! Thank you for requesting Kido >v< b

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» Who’s gonna be my guinea pig?

I’ve been wanting to try out Emofuri for a little while now but I can’t decide on a guinea pig orz

I was going with either Kagepro character or P3 as always but idk—

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"Seriously, buy another pair of pants"

"…At least I’m not swinging a scythe around acting like a death god—"

Why Makoto has such a short pair of pants is one of my life’s greatest mysteries.

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